• Pets and Dehydration

    Dogs as well as cats require a proper fluid intake. This makes up 80% of their body, allowing them to dissolve ordinary and unusual substances, providing them the means to maintain proper circulation, digestion, waste disposal. During the heat of the day and into early evening, a dog's activity should be reduced or paused. Exercise activities should be completed in the early morning or in the evening when the sun sets. In the best Read More
  • A Second Chance Pet Adoption Event - 18 Animals Rescued

    Doug Erickson, founder of The Pet Post says "when you really think about it 18 adoptions is quite a success. Each time an animal rescue organization finds a new home for a displaced pet this allows the organization to take-in another homeless or abused animal into their care consequently; 36 animals will have been rescued". From the time when A Second Chance was originated in 2011 the event has helped save the lives of Read More
  • Protect Your Pets: Avoid Summer Weather Dangers for Dogs

    Limit Outdoor Activities on Hot and Humid Days Canines pant to rid their lungs of moisture and cool down. High heat and humidity make it difficult to do so and also put them at risk for heatstroke, says the HSUS. Limit longer walks to the early morning and evening hours, and avoid asphalt during the day as it can burn paws. Also make it a habit to never leave the house without water during Read More
  • Academics and Animals: Should You Adopt a Pet in College?

    The deep desire to take care of a furry friend can mean one of two things. You've either become a responsible adult or you've fallen under the spell of puppy dog eyes. Adopting an animal companion is a life-changing decision, so make sure you're adequately prepared for the responsibility. Money Matters Responsible pet ownership begins with an honest evaluation of your capabilities. Be realistic about your financial situation. Create a budget to calculate potential Read More
  • Creating a Safe Environment for Your Pet

    Keep an Eye on Things It goes without saying that many of us have to leave our pets unattended from time to time, particularly if our line of work takes us out of town frequently. To help alleviate some of the stress from even short trips away from home, you might consider looking into a home monitoring system. In addition to being a great all-around security solution for your home, these systems can also Read More
  • "Kill" or "No-Kill" - There is No Good Answer

    Open admission animal control centers similar to ACS provide accommodations for animals that are displaced from their homes, providing them the opportunity to be housed until they are rescued by individuals or families. It is true that not all the animals entering a shelter (primarily dogs and cats) are adoptable pets. Some of the displaced animals come from the streets and are deemed uncontrollable; some come from homes of severe neglect and animal cruelty, Read More

    This unique day and evening will be filled with healing demonstrations, vegan treats & film screenings. A live & silent auction will be held as well as yoga classes on the beach, children's tai chi demonstrations and Doga – yoga with your dog! Special film screenings will also be a part of this fun and educational day. The Paw Project, about the inhumane declawing of cats by the veterinarian/filmmaker working to have it banned in Read More
  • 1 Pets and Dehydration
  • 2 A Second Chance Pet Adoption Event - 18 Animals Rescued
  • 3 Protect Your Pets: Avoid Summer Weather Dangers for Dogs
  • 4 Academics and Animals: Should You Adopt a Pet in College?
  • 5 Creating a Safe Environment for Your Pet
  • 6 "Kill" or "No-Kill" - There is No Good Answer
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The Pet Post is an online pet media publication providing pet owners with important information for the care of pets. We support and promote community services, local businesses, and non-profit pet organizations involved with the rescuing and homing of displaced pets.

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Animal shelters and animal rescue groups are the best source when searching for a pet. There are hundreds of pets within our cities that are retained in local animal shelters or rescue groups hoping to be placed in happy and healthy homes.

These pets have either wandered away from their homes or they were surrendered to animal shelters or rescue groups by their owners for a variety of reasons.

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SecondChance Logo 300PXThe Pet Post will be presenting A Second Chance Pet Adoption and Pet Fair, an important, fun, and exciting community event created to support a very important cause, pet adoption.

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