Limping? No worries!

This weekend Chase gave myself a panic attack because he woke up with a limp. I then realized that like Chase, most dogs might have the occasional limp. Before I made a visit to the vet, I did some searching and realized that a limp is normal after consistent exercise.


How to Create/Post Events Within The Pet Post Events Calendar

How to Create/Post Events within The Pet Post Events Calendar. Log-in with your user name and password. Or register to become a member to obtain your username and password. Membership is Free!!!

Within the Community Resources located on the left hand side of the website select the Community Events tab. You will be directed to the events page. On the events tool bar select the Create Event icon.

Enter the title of your event in the title box. In the description box provide events explanation. Select one (1) of the three (3) categories available by clicking the category tab. In the location tab enter address of event. Within the start time and end time sections identify date, start time, and end time of event. Make sure to identify if this is a private or public, number of seats available, and allow guests to invite their friends Yes or No. Select create event. Yes. It is that easy!

Register to Become a Member of The Post Post

Membership is free! Simply click on create an account within our login/register box. Complete the register new user information. Complete basic information and contact information. Select enter when complete. Add photo of your choice to complete your registration. Yes! It is that easy. Once your registration is complete, return to the main page and log in.


Linking Pet Videos to The Pet Post Video Catalog

The Pet Post provides our viewers a fun pet video catalog to watch all types of pet related videos ranging from cute, funny, medical related, and more. Watch dogs, cats, birds, and other types of animals at their finest moments. See a variety of animal clips produced by creative pet lovers. The fun is endless.


Community Q & A Board

Animal_PhotoPaw-tastic news! We have added a great new feature to The Pet Post website—a "community Q & A board." Do you have a pet related question you have been "pawing" to ask? Does your pet do something interesting you would like to share?


Cat & Dog Licensing

City of Long Beach Animal Care Services offers 4 new programs for pet licensing. Fast track-licensed pets with current information, micro-chips, and physical tags, are reunited with their owners more quickly than pets with a license.


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