Can Dogs and Cats Get Bronchitis?

Ivy1I'm sure you have heard a dog sneeze right? How about a cough? Think about it.

I have not heard a cough yet either. Dogs from the pound usually get kennel cough, like Lex my rescue dog did when we adopted him, but I don't recall hearing him cough.

In humans if someone is overly coughing, then we may think, "you might have bronchitis" – but what happens if it is in our pets? Do pets get bronchitis? The answer is YES, INDEED!

Like kennel cough, bronchitis will start off with a dry, and harsh cough. It is considered bronchitis when the symptoms last for more than two months. The coughs would be triggered by activities that strain the windpipe, such as exercise – and pulling one's collar or leash.

If your dog does have bronchitis, switch over to a chest harness so that you aren't adding more stress onto their windpipes when pulling on their collar. Bigger dogs are not as much risk to get bronchitis as smaller dogs.

And cats?

Cats will also have that dry, and harsh cough but sometimes it will be harder to notice because some owners may believe that it is just another "hairball attack".

Whether dog, or cat – and you suspect there is something more than just a dry throat or hair ball take them to a veterinarian for a check up.

Kate Pham, CSULB