Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I make a directory listing?

A:  On the home page, select 'create an account' tab.  Personalize and complete your profile.  Once you are a registered member, go to the 'business directory' tab; select city, category, and add your listing. Have fun and personalize your listing.

Q: Can I add more than one photo within my directory listing?

A: Yes. Please add as many photos you would like to advertise or to represent your business to your clients.

Q: How do I edit my directory listing?

A:  Log onto The Pet Post USA website, go to the 'directory services' tab; locate your business.  In the upper left hand corner select the 'edit' tab. Remember to submit file to save changes.

Q: When adding my business information to the directory I was unclear of what to add in the 'tags' box?

A: The 'tags' box references key words for search activity.  For example, if you list a grooming business you would  enter either dog groomer or pet groomer.  When an individual types in either one of these key phrases into The Pet Post USA search engine referencing dog groomers or pet groomers will populate to modify search efforts. 

Q: When adding my business information to the directory I noticed a 'file box'.  What is the purpose of the 'file' box?

A:  This a great feature.  Example, if you have PDF file or a Word document you would like to publish for  your clientele-base or perspective new clients to view, you can add these documents to your directory listing.  This file could be a price list of products available or additional information about your business.

Q:  Do I have to become a member to make a listing within the classified ad section?    

A:  Yes. But once you create your user name and your password you will always have access to make additional listings within the classified ad section.

Q: Should I make a listing in the lost and found section will The Pet Post USA be notified?

A:  Yes. We will be notified when you enter or correct a listing. We do ask however that you use the 'contact'  tab in the upper right hand corner of the website and inform us as a second option. 

Q: How often do you update the 'Pet of the Week' availability?

A: Our goal is to call the animal shelter providing us information on the pet of the week once a week.  Usually on Wednesday's as many animal shelters are closed on Monday's and Tuesday's.



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