How to Create a Safe Sanctuary for Your Cat

shutterstock 148787648Cats are more than just fun, furry playmates that lie on our faces in the morning and attack our feet when we sleep. They are part of our anthropological history. In many ancient cultures, they represent the hunt, the mysteries of life and the asylum of death. More than any other pet, we share our home with our cat, changing it to accommodate the feline’s special needs. Of course, we are not cats so the process of creating a safe and calm home for our friend needs to take into account the feline experience.


Protecting Outdoor Cats During the Winter Months

SebastianWinter is a time of year when outdoor cats are in need of adequate shelter, food, and water supply. Without the proper provisions, and depending upon geographical areas, thousands of outdoor cats are at high risk not to survive the elements of winter. To stay alive, cats will wander away in search for food supplies and find refuge in places that may prove to be highly dangerous.


The Pet Post Community

Logo for Grunion AdThe Pet Post Community 501 (c) (3), a division of The Pet Post was pronounced as an official non-profit entity July of 2014.

The Pet Post Community was created to strengthen the opportunities and too build-upon the alliances the company has formed with varying non-profit animal organizations; providing safety, education, rescue, and adoption programs within the communities the company conducts business.


Four Fun, Fido-Friendly Activities You Can Do with Your Dog

shutterstock 214209133Our dogs are a huge and important part of our lives. Whether you've adopted a white and fluffy Bichon Frise, a Dachshund puppy, or a senior Cocker Spaniel, these wonderful dogs are much more than pets, they are precious and valued members of our families.

Because we love our dogs so much, it's only natural we want to spend as much time with them as possible. As it turns out, there are plenty of fun, Fido-friendly activities we can enjoy along with our dogs. Consider the following:


Animal Care and Cruelty Prevention Conference in Review

conferenceLong Beach, CA - March 21, 2013 Long Beach City Prosecutor Doug Haubert and Long Beach Animal Care Services hosted their second annual Animal Care and Cruelty Prevention Conference. This important and informative community event focused on educating the public regarding what is the proper way to care for cats and dogs and how to recognize inappropriate conduct towards pets by other pet owners.