The Pet Post Community

Logo for Grunion AdThe Pet Post Community 501 (c) (3), a division of The Pet Post was pronounced as an official non-profit entity July of 2014.

The Pet Post Community was created to strengthen the opportunities and too build-upon the alliances the company has formed with varying non-profit animal organizations; providing safety, education, rescue, and adoption programs within the communities the company conducts business.

The Pet Post Community sponsors FOOD for Pets in Need. FOOD for Pets in Need provides pet food to seniors, homeless, low-income, and homebound individuals who otherwise may not have adequate food to take proper care of their pets. By easing their concerns about caring for their pets, clients can make better use of their resources, such as money and food. In many cases, the availability of pet food and more efficient allocation of resources may help a client re-establish him or herself in society. Additionally, it alleviates the potential suffering of animals that may not have had sufficient food or necessary supplies.

Donations made to The Pet Post Community will be allocated to pet rescue, education, food, medical, and adoption programs for pets and people requiring assistance. Your support is greatly appreciated.