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Community Heroism at its Finest

CathleenOur communities are full of all types of kind-hearted people who go "above and beyond" to volunteer their time to help others, whether they are human or animals. Cathleen Steinbacher is one of our selfless community servants extending her time to aid with rescuing and homing displaced dogs. Whether she is a fostering a displaced dog or spending her weekend volunteering with an animal rescue group, she is rarely unaccompanied by a furry-friend in need.

Moving to Long Beach, California, in 2008, Cathleen not only learned that the city was a pet friendly place but she also learned it was home to many stray animals. With an open heart and an open door she has fostered and found new homes for roughly 19 dogs over the years. Not to go without mention, as a volunteer with pet rescue groups, the number of lives she has helped save is unknown. When asked why she became so involved with pet rescue she said, "I just started finding stray dogs that needed help. When I reached out to animal rescues for assistance I learned they needed help. So I became involved."

We all know that for various reasons many dogs and cats get lost and they cannot find their way back home. Thank goodness there are many good persons that will step-in to help. Cathleen says "most strays just want what most animals, and humans want, to be loved, and cared for. ( Although you should be cautious approaching a stray, so their not too scared, and lash out.) The poor abandoned animals make great pets, and it is so wonderful when they get a good home, and life, other then a horrible fate. When pets have great humans that really take care of them, they are a Luck Dog!"

Cathleen has an immense fondness of animals, and she is committed to help where and when she can. However she is concerned on the number of cats and dogs within our communities that are not spay or neutered. Cathleen says, "pet owners must be responsible to spay and neuter their pets, and not allow them to run the streets to breed." This is a simple procedure that can save the lives of thousands of dogs and cats." According to the SPCA "the cost of spaying or neutering a pet is less than the cost of raising puppies or kittens for a year." Check with your local animal clinics or animal shelters for low cost spay and neuter programs in your area.

With her passion and love for animals Cathleen has always thought about starting her own dog walking and pet sitting service. This has now become a reality as Cathleen introduces "Lucky Dog;" a full service dog walking and pet sitting company serving the Long Beach, CA area. For pet owners residing in the area, please visit the "Lucky Dog" for more information.


Team Pet Post thanks Cathleen for the dedication and support she extends to the pet community and her passion to save the lives of displaced pets. We also want to wish her much success with the "Lucky Dog."

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