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Orzoco’s Auto Service Gives a Lift to Homeless With Dogs

This past Sunday, August 5, 2012 team Pet Post joined Homeless with Dogs (HWD), a Long Beach group serving the homeless society caring for pets, handing out dog and cat food.  What an eye-opener!   Some people may think that a homeless person should not have a pet because they cannot properly care for him or her, and on some level that may be true, but the reality is that the homeless take pride and responsibility in caring for their companions. Moreover, many of the cats and dogs cared for by the homeless would be dead if they did not take them in.

Beth, a regular visitor who looks to the HWD for assistance shared with us her story of how she rescued a third dog, a Chihuahua, she named Tony.  When Beth was walking along a street in West Long Beach a car slowly passed her.  The car door on the passenger side opened, and she noticed something being tossed out. When she got closer to the thing, she realized it was a Chihuahua. Cut up and scared, not only from being thrown out of the car but from previous abuse, Beth picked up the dog and cuddled her in her arms.  Left for dead, Beth welcomed the Chihuahua into her pet family.  She named the dog Tony as the little creature reminded her of Tony, the main character from the movie Scarface.

The story shared by Beth was the most horrific story shared on this day but there were many other disturbing stories.  The most common pattern in the stories is that cats and dogs, a majority appeared to be Pit-bulls, are abandoned in the area near the Los Angeles river-basin.  Without some of the homeless caring for them, their chances of survival would be rather dismal.   It is for this very reason that Patricia Zaid and Liz Reyes launched HWD. If the homeless did not have access to alternatives for pet food they would need to rely on other means to get food for their pets, such as begging or collecting foods scraps from garbage bins.

During our time with HWD, Patricia and Liz shared with team Pet Post how the organization relies on donations of pet food, supplies, pet accessories (collars, leashes, harnesses, bedding), and pet toys. They are out the communities seeking support from a variety of organizations and pet related businesses.  As of recent the organization has experienced low-food and supply donations, and they were becoming concerned of how they would build-up their pet food source.   As their concerns had heightened they shared with us a miracle that was transpiring. Unknowing to the organization an auto service company of Long Beach contacted them to inform them the company had a donation for the HWD.

Orzoco's Auto Service of Long Beach for the months of June and July conducted a fund-raiser on behalf of HWD.  Customers were encouraged to donate $42 for the cause. In exchange Orzoco's would provide their customers with FREE oil change (up-to a $59.99 value) or provide them with an invoice to receive a credit on a future auto-service.   Adding to the campaign, Orzoco's would match 100% of the monies collected.

The company raised $507 and on August 6th, Orzoco's presented HWD a check for the amount of $1014.  For Patricia, co-founder of HWD, she does not see this donation in dollar-signs; she equates the gift as 1,600 to 1,800 pounds of dog food. According to Patricia and Liz "the company did this as a community outreach. Until yesterday when Orzoco's made the donation presentation to us, we had not met before.  We had no idea what the magnitude of the donation would be. How wonderful is that!!!!!  Homeless with Dogs honors and appreciates what Orozco's does for our Long Beach community and specifically for Homeless with Dogs, the homeless, and their companions."

Homeless With Dogs can be reached through their Facebook page at Donations are greatly welcomed for dogs and cats.
No gift is too small.


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