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Dog Walk Across America: The Final Mile

walkacrossamericaOn March 1, 2012, Kait and John Seyal - and their dogs, Max and Grace - began walking across America. They set out from Lewes, Delaware with a mission to spread awareness of pet therapy and animal rescue.  Grace and Max, both adopted as adults from Camelot Puppy Sanctuary of McArthur, Ohio, are therapy dogs. They are certified and insured by Kentucky-based Pawsibilities Unleashed to provide comfort to those in need. As they move through towns, they have been stopping to volunteer with the dogs at hospitals, nursing homes, children's homes, veteran's facilities, and anywhere else the unconditional love of a well-mannered dog is needed.

One of the most important lessons learned through this journey is that one must always expect the unexpected.  Kait and John did not know that this year would bring the hottest summer in 140 years with five weeks of sustained temperatures over 100 degrees. And so, In July, the team was joined by close friend Jon Slater and his dog, Old Brown Dog, with a much-needed support car to keep the dogs safe from the sweltering summer heat. Their team of four became a team of six.  Shortly after, they were joined by a stray, now named Jenny #9, who has become part of the family.  Four has become seven, all traveling together to spread the word about pet therapy and animal rescue.

For the last 8 months, they have been walking towards the Pacific Ocean, and the beach is finally in sight.  On Saturday, November 17th Kait and John Seyal, Max and Grace, and the rest of the team will arrive at the Recreation Dog Park located at 5201 E 7th Street, LongBeach, California , just 1.8 miles from the Pacific Ocean, for a very special event. Beginning at 10:00, everyone is invited to join us for a Dog Fair hosted by the Recreation Dog Park Association with food vendors, pet-related vendors, Best friends LA (to be confirmed), and other local pet rescue and pet therapy organizations, featuring a talk by the guests of honor, Kait and John Seyal.  For more information about the walk and the special Final Mile event, please visit their website at or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Event Details: 10am-2pm Pet Fair & Meet The Team

1pm: The Team will give a talk about their journey

2pm-3pm: Walk the Final Mile with The Team to Rosie's Dog Beach

KaitJohnClick on photo to meet Kait and John

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