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Giving a Child a Pet as a Gift

haleyWith the holidays upon us many parents may consider giving a young child a pet as a gift. Before doing so it is important to make sure a child is ready to take on such a responsibility. Consequently, The Pet Post team would like to share some useful tips before giving a child a pet as a gift.

  1. Parents giving a young child a pet should be aware that they assume the ultimate responsibility for the care of the pet i.e., spay, neutering, vaccinations, food, exercise, hygiene, and so forth.
  2. Parents giving a young child a pet should consider having a general conversation with a child to learn how he or she feels about having a pet, and discuss the many responsibilities for caring for a pet.
  3. Many children will attend college once finished with high school and they will not be able to take their companion. Therefore, are you prepared to assume full responsibility of your child's companion while they are away?
  4. If a child is interested in a dog take her to a dog park to watch other dogs play. This will allow both child and parent to identify the size, energy-level, and possible breed of dog the family may like to own.
  5. Before acquiring a dog, spend time with your child to research types of dogs, and learn how each breed has varied health and wellness needs, and inherited physical and behavioral traits.
  6. If your child is interested in other types of pets such as cats, birds, mammals, or reptiles locate a neighborhood friend whom has one of these pets and spend some time with them.
  7. Remember to consider the overall costs of owing a pet and establish a conservative budget to care for your new family companion.
  8. Please consider adopting your pet from an animal shelter or a pet rescue group as your first choice. Rescued pets make excellent companions and your family will feel gratified for saving the life of an innocent creature.

Each day thousands of animals are neglected, abused, and abandoned and they are surrendered to animal shelters. Unfortunately, many displaced animals will not be rescued and do to the overcrowding of animals many will be euthanized. As much as The Pet Post promotes and supports pet adoption we also want first time pet owners to make wise, informed, and educated decisions upon bringing a new pet into the family. An informed and educated decision will certainly create the foundation for a long and loving relationship with your companion.

To learn more about adoptable pets please contact your local animal shelter.

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