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Rosie - Great Strides to Save the Leg of a Beautiful German Shepherd

Rosie1Rosie, a German Shepherd puppy, had been attacked, maimed, and starved in the first eight 8 weeks of her life before she came to the Lucky Dog Foundation. She was born as the result of a back yard breeding situation in the Inland Empire area of Southern California. Dirt, rocks, and sticks are what Rosie's diet consisted of after her mother's milk quickly dried up.

Scavenging around the property for any dropped pieces of kibble led her dangerously close to an igloo style dog house to where a big male shepherd was chained. The force he exhibited to lunge at Rosie and attack her was so strong he flipped the Igloo style doghouse, which happened to pin her underneath for an indefinite amount of a time. When she was finally discovered by the owners who were oblivious to what had occurred, all of the muscles in her hind legs had been ripped and torn. Lucky Dog Foundation had no idea about the full extent of Rosie's condition when they left that Sunday morning in July to save that poor baby girl. All they knew was that the puppy needed their urgent help.

Rosie2Rosie has been under the care of a local veterinarian in Orange County and her foster family for the past few months. When she was rescued she under 10 pounds, she is currently over 40 pounds. A thin hairless line on her back is the only reminder of where a more serious injury occurred. Since her rescue she has undergone two additional surgeries; one for an ulcer on her eye, and the other on one of her legs that was not healing as intended.

Regrettably, a set of recent x-rays display a more serious set-back for Rosie. The recent x-rays show that Rosie has a broken patella (knee) that has healed incorrectly. The only way to save her leg, which would allow Rosie to walk normal again, she must have a total knee replacement surgery (TKR). This new state-of the art procedure, which is basically the same as with a human knee: after the knee is cut open, the diseased bone is removed and replaced with a low-friction, metal-on-plastic joint. After testing for mobility and fit, the knee is sewn up.

The same as a human undergoing this type of surgery, the rehabilitation process begins. The primary goal of TKR surgery is to restore a pain-free joint function of the knee. In most cases, it is possible to restore joint function to a level similar to that of a healthy knee joint. Dogs that have had successful TKR surgery do not require long-term medical management. In addition to significant cost savings, this will eliminate the potential problem of long-term complications associated with chronic use of anti-inflammatory drugs. Surgery must take place within the next few days, before Rosie's muscles atrophy, preventing the prosthetic to be implanted. The cost is in excess of $17,000. Far more than Lucky Dog Foundation could pool from resources and donations to date.

"Despite her extremely painful condition, Rosie doesn't act like anything is wrong. Her sweet, gentle personality is evident in the way she greets people, and her playful nature is similar to any other puppy," said Lauren Michaels, Outreach Coordinator at Lucky Dog Foundation. "She is an amazing little girl who will make anyone fall in love with her at first sight."

Lucky Dog Foundation is desperate to find sponsors to help offset the costs of Rosie's care. Your donation will make a difference for a truly deserving dog. Please pledge a donation in any amount for sweet Rosie, who has never had a chance of living a normal pain-free life. Visit and select the "donate" tab to process your contribution. And remember, any donation you make will not be too small to make a huge difference with Rosie's life.

Lucky Dog Foundation, Inc. has met the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Gross Receipts Test has qualified as a Section 501(c)(3) Exemption. All donors will be provided written acknowledgment within 24 hours of their contribution in accordance with IRS regulations.

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