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Fun Activities for Dogs

There is no surprise that all dogs come in different breeds, sizes, and colors.  Even so, they all share a main characteristic. Theyare more behaved when involved in an activity. When a dog becomes bored he can become mischievous, and at times, destructive.   So why not collect Fido and have some fun! There are many types of activities to enjoy with your companion, and with some activities, you may not have to leave your house.

Of the more important activities, obedience training tops the list. Dogs by nature like to please.  Depending on the breed, size, and hereditary traits of your dog will influence the overall training he requires.  There are many magazines, online pet journals, and dog trainers who can provide you with reliable information on types of training for specific breeds of dogs.  Nonetheless, regardless of breed and size, all dogs should learn the basic commands of sit, stay, come, and no begging.

More often than not, Fido likes to play.  He may like to catch a Frisbee, fetch a ball, or have fun with a simple game of tug-a-war with his favorite toy. These fun activities can take place in your yard or in the house.  Of course, it is probably best to leave the indoor games for the smaller breeds of dogs.

Many neighborhood dog parks allow off-leash pleasure for Fido.  Off-leash dog parks allow Fido to run wild, catch a Frisbee, fetch a ball, and socialize with other dogs. However, before unleashing your dog in an open area make sure he is accustomed to socialize with other canines. Dogs that are aggressive or timid can easily become involved in an unruly scuffle and get injured.  As a reminder, please be mindful and follow all dog park rules and regulations.

Going for a bike ride, roller blading, or skateboarding?  Many larger dogs like to run.  Fido may like to run alongside of you while you are on a journey.  But remember safety. Fido must undergo some training to learn what is expected of him and how to behave around distractions when running alongside of you.  Otherwise Fido and you could become seriously injured.  Oh! Don't forget to bring with you plenty of water for Fido to drink when he is tired and to avoid dehydration.   Like humans, our companions need plenty of water, especially when playing.

For some dogs, large or small, agility training is a great opportunity.   Fido can learn to maneuver through an obstacle course of jumps, ramps, and tunnels, and an assortment of other obstacles.  Learn to communicate with you dog using sign-language, talking, clapping of hands, and more. This is a fun activity that creates a great bond between Fido and pet parent.

For a more leisure activity dogs enjoy going on walks. Whether you are going for a walk around the neighborhood, a walk in a park, or taking a hike in the mountains, dogs are generally welcome but must be on a leash.  Going for walks will also provide the opportunity for you to provide Fido with some obedience training. But the most important part is, have fun!

Whatever you desire, there are many activities for you and your companion to become involved with.  There are many dog magazines and online pet journals that can guide you to all types of activities. Chances are that Fido does not really care what he is doing as long as he is with you. But remember, whatever you do make sure there if plenty of water for Fido to drink. Important, make sure to have poop bags with you to clean up the extras he may deposit while out playing.

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