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Long Beach Animal Services "2012 Year in Review"

tedCity of Long Beach Animal Care Services (ACS) of Long Beach, CA invited the community to attend their open house "2012 Year in Review" on January 26, 2013. Presenter, Ted Stevens, ACS Manager was pleased, as the attendance for the event was significantly higher than years past.

The open house allowed Long Beach community members the opportunity to hear of the many improvements ACS has accomplished. Some of these improvements include increasing the quality of life for displaced pets surrendered to the shelter, and a reduction in the number of animals euthanized as a result
of increased pet adoptions.

VolunteersDuring the first part of the open house, Mr. Stevens presented awards to many organizations, staff, and volunteers that have made a direct impact to the survival rate of displaced animals during 2012.  Those who received awards included; Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles (spcaLA), Friends of Long Beach Animals, Long Beach Spay and neuter, Animal Match Rescue Team, and ACS Rescue Partners.

NathanA special recognition was extended to Eagle Scout Nathan Higgins.  He collected over a $1000 in donations that was used to remodel ACS's run-down cat cottage medical suite; improving the overall medical facilities of the animal shelter.

In the second half of the open house, Mr. Stevens highlighted many programs and other contributors that had a direct impact on saving the lives of displaced pets; reducing the number of animals euthanized as the result of animal overpopulation in the shelter.

Many of the contributors are:

  • ACS has partnered with Found Animals foundation and spcaLA for two animal adoption events.
  • The organization partnered with spcaLA for ajoint Cat and Kitten March Madness adoption event.
  • ACS increased the number of low cost / spay & neuter clinics throughout Long Beach by 121%.
  • With the implementation of the 2009 spay / neuter voucher program, nearly 5,800 animals in ACS service cities have been spayed or neutered.
  • Through donations, ACS was able to provide free microchip and rabies vaccinations for cats at four low cost animal clinics.
  • ACS has increased the shelter's veterinarian services from five days a week to six days a week, and has increased the number of registered veterinarian technicians available to seven days a week.
  • ACS has partnered with the city of Long Beach Prosecutor Department to prosecute individuals and/or groups responsible for negligent and animal cruelty cases
  • During 2012, ACS and team have assisted with 63,049 service calls from the community on various pet related issues.

With all of these accomplishments, Long Beach Animal Care Services (ACS) still has much work to complete. Making a city safe for the community and the animals of the communities is an extensive undertaking, which receives minimal city funding.  In order for ACS and animal shelters across the nation to continue their good work, they must rely heavily on community support, volunteer programs, and donations to ensure the safety and housing of displaced pets seeking new homes.

Contact your local animal shelter to learn how you can donate or become a volunteer. Donating a dollar or an hour of your time can make the difference for a
displaced pet.

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