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Think Twice Before Giving a Rabbit as a Present

chocolate - CopyEaster is the time of year when many people want to give a child or a loved one a bunny for a pet.  Come on! What is cuter than to give a gift, which is soft and furry, does not turn into fat calories, and does cause tooth decay?  Although a bunny may be a cute and healthy choice, many people do not consider that a person will have to provide long-term care for a rabbit.

Each year thousands of bunnies are and given away as gifts during the Easter season.  As a gift they are welcomed with an array of human excitement, and everyone involved with the experience is certain there could be no better gift. Then before they know it reality sets in. Contrary to common belief, not all bunnies are cuddly and friendly. Many are fidgety and sensitive, and when they feel threatened they will bite and scratch in hopes to evade their perceived danger. They are neither like a dog to where they can be trained to obey basic commands nor like a cat to be left alone to exert their independence. When the human novelty of owning a bunny wears off, many bunnies become victims of abuse and neglect and are let lose in the wild or end-up in animal shelters.

According to House Rabbit Society below are some known facts about rabbits as pets.

  • Bunnies are not low-maintenance pets and not recommended as the pet of choice for a child without the committment of the parent to help care from them.
  • Houses must be bunny proofed or they will chew on whatever is in their reach such as electrical cords, furniture, plants, and shoes.
  • Same as with a dog or cat rabbits should be spay or neutered to prevent unexpected reproduction. Important, when not spayed or neutered rabbits will mark their living environment with urine and feces.
  • Bunnies should live indoors as family members.  Extreme weather can be hazardous for them.  Not to mention, out in the open rabbits become prey to all types of animals. Important, they may chew upon a plant, which is poisonous to rabbits.
  • Believe it or not, rabbits have a life span of up to10 years and require much care. Therefore, when giving a rabbit as a pet it is important to consider the
    responsibility that will have to be assumed by the receiver.


marshmallowDomesticated animals, rodents, and reptiles of all shape, sizes, and breeds make wonderful pets. However, when they are acquired without thought, education, and planning, millions of amazing creatures will become sufferers of abuse, neglect, and abandonment.  For millions of the abandoned animals they will not find new loving homes, and they will be euthanized as the result of human fault, not for anything they did wrong.

When looking for a new pet begin looking within your city's local animal shelter.  Saving a life is a rewarding thing to do.

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