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May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Ivy1All dogs are at risk of developing cancer and it is our responsibility as owners to be aware and informed of the symptoms, causes, and the proper treatment. Listed are certain signs that your pet may present to you: lymph nodes, unexplained bleeding, lameness, and even straining to urinate.

These noticeable signs may be presented in the early stages of cancer in dogs and cats, but animals such as rabbits and birds do not show any signs until the cancer has spread. A trip to your local vet will be beneficial, to both you and your pet.

Also, if your pet has its own personal groomer, the groomer will be able to check for anything out of the ordinary as well. According to Wendy Weinand, a pet stylist from Petco, there are seven points in which groomers and owners can draw their attention to. By looking at your pet's eyes, teeth, ears, nose, fur/coat, underside and their paws. Details such as discoloration, swollenness, or lumps might be signs of cancer.

As we take care of ourselves even though we are not sick by proper diet and exercise, your furry friend will need the same. Feeding your pet the proper amount of food will help with obesity and exercising will help release unwanted energy.

So, go give your pet an at home checkup, and make a visit to the vet if needed. And, why not, give your pet a treat. They all love it!

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