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Don't Blame the Pit Bull

PitbullThe first time I remember hearing about Michael Vick and his pit bull fighting was also the first time I heard people blaming owners/people over the breed itself. What a relief.

Knowledge is power, and with education and advocacy, the truth will save lives in terms of negating the fear and bias generated by the media. The media has turned the pit bull breed into scary monsters, when really they are not.

If you think of pets as your children, then think about this for a moment. If you don't teach your children manners, they aren't going to be respectful. If you lock your children inside their room, they are not going to be social. This logic works with pets too. With bad ownership, comes a bad pet.

Pit bulls have a bad reputation because of dogfights, which is basically dogs fighting each other for what I'm going to believe is for pure monetary purposes and entertainment. The dog that loses ends up abandoned, probably tied down to a tree without food and water. How sad is that right?

Pets are pets, and they are only to follow the footsteps of their owners. If you neglect in caring and loving for them, then you should not be a dog owner. Especially if you have a pit bull you need to be able to stand up for them. Canine racism is still out there and it is unacceptable.

Really, there is no bad dog. Only bad owners.

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