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The Importance of Having Your Dog on a Leash

For the past few weeks we have been taking our dogs Lex and Chase to the nearby park so that they can sniff the grass, pee on trees, wag their tails, and hang out with their humans. This morning while we were strolling along, I caught a glimpse of a small creature running wild.

I always have my dogs on a leash, and so I made sure that I had a secure grip on their leash – because you never know what can happen.

The small creature ended up being some sort of miniature dog. I thought that the dog was coming my way, but instead it was going towards the heavy traffic. EEK!

I started panicking, looked around and saw another panicked dog owner. I’m guessing this was the dog’s owner. Lex, Chase and I watched as a dog chase appeared right in front of our eyes. Luckily, everyone ended up safe and alive.

This scare could have been prevented if the dog had its leash on. A leash is important not only to keep your pet close to you, but to also ensure that your dog is safe. Really, leashes are no more than ten dollars.

Some say that their dog is afraid of the leash and so they do not use it but c’mon – just use some consistent training.

On top of that, an off-leash dog can be dangerous to other people and other dogs. 

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