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Fix Long Beach - Spay & Neuter Project

5403 211322495687919 1960218432 nFix Long Beach is an immensely important program aimed at helping to reduce pet overpopulation in the city of Long Beach. Organized by Claudia Hoffmann, Fix Long Beach is operated by a group of volunteers and citizens devoted to providing free spay and neuter mobile clinics to low- income residents with pets throughout the greater city of Long Beach.

947107 211322795687889 1413383203 nWith the financial support of West Coast Animal Rescue, Long Beach Animal Care Services, Justin Rudd's Haute Dogs, Friends of Long Beach Animals, Eldad Hagar's Hope for Paws the group has organized eight free mobile spay and neuter clinics throughout the greater Long Beach area. With the first successful event held on June 8, 2013 at Orizaba Park, Fix Long Beach made it possible for 38 cats and dogs in need to become spay or neutered.

999373 211322399021262 1749139382 nWithout a doubt, the enormous financial burden that this program absorbs is astounding. Each free spay and neuter mobile clinic performs up to 40 surgeries. The eight events scheduled thus far will spay or neuter up to 320 pets. On average a cat litter size is 3 to 5 kittens while a dog's average litter ranges for 4 to 6 puppies. Therefore, the group will avert nearly 1600 animals from unintentional births.

995325 211322335687935 1518800936 nFor Claudia and team Fix Long Beach this is not enough. The group's mission is to gain the support of additional sponsors and donor to make more of these events possible for low-income residents. Claudia says, "If you want to stop the water from running you must turn off the faucet. In order to stop pet overpopulation you must spay and neuter animals, and this is what we are doing to Fix Long Beach." To learn more about Fix Long Beach for sponsorship and donor opportunities please visit

For pet owners who may not qualify for programs such as Fix Long Beach, veterinarian clinics and animal shelter medical staff across the nation offer low cost spay and neuter clinics. To learn about low cost spay/neuter and vaccination clinics in your area visit your local animal shelter or contact your local veterinarian office.


Pet overpopulation is a severe problem throughout the U.S.. Every day thousands of cats, dogs, and other types of animals are euthanized because animal shelters cannot house them when they become displaced from their homes. Unfortunately, irresponsible pet breeding adds to pet overpopulation. Every animal sold by an irresponsible breeder (puppy mill) is preventing a displaced pet in an animal shelter from being adopted (AHA).

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