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Pet Ownership on a Budget

009IvyHave you opted not to have a pet because of the cost of pet ownership? Yes, owning a pet can be expensive, and a good amount of thought should be considered before bringing home a new friend. However, owning a pet does not have to be a distant dream. In fact with some creative tips and tricks, pet ownership may be closer than you think.

The most substantive savings to obtain a new companion is to adopt rather than to shop. Not only will you or your family save hundreds of dollars, you will have a lifelong pleasure of saving the life of a beautiful creature. Animal shelters are overcrowded, and there are many wonderful pets to choose from. Most animals are in animal shelters for no other reason than human error or neglect. They have done nothing wrong, and they are eager to find a new home to please their new family members.

Like humans, animals may require medical care outside basic shots and vaccinations. If you are an individual or a family on a fixed income consider buying pet insurance. Doing so will help integrate the costs of medical expenses associated with pet ownership into monthly budget; allowing you to minimize the out-of-pocket costs when your pet requires veterinarian assistance.

Pets like to play and without a doubt, pet toys can be expensive. One of the easiest ways to cut the cost of pet ownership is to make your pet's toys rather than purchasing them. Too, making pet toys can be fun and low cost family activity.

  • Dog owners – some fun ways to make a pet toy is to transform old t-shirts to fun, strong pull toys. Pieces of rope also make great pull and throw toys. For many other do-it-yourself toy ideas click here.
  • Cat owners – many cats are fascinated to play with wadded up pieces of paper, cardboard boxes, and paper bags.

If you are concerned with the costs that may be involved with training your pet, not to worry. There are many ways to learn how to train an animal with little to no cost. Visit a local library or search for training tips online. There are many YouTube videos available online with footage demonstrating how-to train tips. Learning how to train your pet friend will allow you not only to save money but also build trust between you and your new companion. Again, training a pet can be a low cost family activity.

Do you like to bake? Consider baking your dog or cat's treats rather than buying them. However, make sure to research to learn what foods are safe for your pet. Many human type foods are harmful for animals, and they require specific foods, nutrients, and vitamins to live a healthy life. Many pet stores or online pet magazines will have many recipes for making healthy pet food and treats. For animals that be more sensitive to foods consult with a veterinarian to learn what foods and treats are best.

Finally, if you feel comfortable, learning how to groom your pet may help save on
monthly costs. Again, there are many videos and online information that can be researched online to educate you. Even so, you may want to check with your veterinarian to learn if your companion requires special grooming and hygiene requirements.

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