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Teaching a Dog Tricks to Curve Unwanted Behaviors

Teaching a dog of any age a new trick can be challenging. At the same time, teaching a dog a new trick is a rewarding experience for both dog and owner. Did you know that some tricks may be helpful to curb various types of unwanted dog behaviors?

Yes, it's true; certain dog tricks create important boundaries for your dog that also teaches them from behaviors such as running out of your home whenever a door is open or constantly barking.

Two tricks that can be helpful to curb unwanted dog behavior are the "speak" trick and the "stay" trick. The speak command when mastered by your dog, may help to eliminate the actions of constant barking. Teaching your dog to stay is helpful to protect your dog from leaving your home or yard, preventing them from getting hurt, lost or stolen.

When teaching your dog a new trick, the best method is positive reinforcement. This method includes positive, loving attention, and rewarding your dog with training treats after he performs. This method allows him to understand he has done something good. Dogs are eager to please so he will want to continue the behavior to please you. A rule of thumb to remember is to use treats sparingly and only when he is completing a desired task to prevent pet obesity.

Understanding your dog's temperament and attention span is important when training him. Not every dog will be able to train for long periods of time. Make sure not to be too demanding with your dog when teaching him a new trick, as some tricks may take time. The key to training is to make positive and consistent associations with the trick so that he will want to perform if for you on command. Consistency is essential.

Make sure when teaching your dog a new trick that you perform it on a routine basis so that your dog masters the trick. Once your dog has mastered a new trick, show it off to other family members and friends. Your dog enjoys sharing his talents.

Happy training!

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