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Prepare Your Pets for an Emergency

Natural disasters often occur with little notice. Keeping your pets prepared for an emergency is necessary and requires three important steps: (1) prepare (2) plan (3) stay informed.

Preparing requires keeping up to three days of food in airtight and waterproof containers. Have enough water set aside for up to three days. Remember, you need to store a food and water supply for family and pets. If your pet is on medication have an extra supply available within your pet survival kit. Other necessities to make available are a first-aid kit; collar with ID tag, and leash. Store the aforementioned items in a crate, pet carrier or cat-litter box so these items are available in case of an emergency evacuation.

Planning involves the important step of creating an evacuation plan. Make sure to have an idea of how to collect your pet(s). Important, do some research to learn what hotels, motels, or public emergency shelters are in the area or adjacent cities allow pets. If possible, coordinate with family or friends within the area or adjacent cities for housing accommodations. Lastly, have a plan coordinated with your neighbors to help with pet evacuation in the event you are not home during an emergency; this includes arranging a meeting place to collect your pets. Make sure to have a contact list of emergency names and phone numbers including contact information for local animal shelters or SPCA locations.

Have the knowledge of what types of disasters are likely to occur in the area which you live. In the event of an emergency do your best to stay informed. Remember to place a battery operated radio and a supply of batteries within your supply kit. In the event of an electrical outage you may need to resort to a battery operated radio for news information. Follow city or state evacuation notifications and instructions.

Stay safe. Prepare, plan and stay informed.

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